HCN Case Study


In the hotel industry, the adoption of technology tends to progress at a slow pace, yet its potential to significantly improve guest experiences and operational efficiencies is undeniable. The Hotel Communication Network (HCN) emerges as a key player in shifting this status quo. Despite the traditionally slow embrace of new technologies within the hospitality sector, HCN is among the select few vendors driving a change, introducing innovative solutions that challenge the norm and set a new standard for how technology can enhance the hotel experience for guests and streamline operations for staff.

Through its deployment of in-room tablet technology, HCN provides guests with a comprehensive suite of services right at their fingertips. From accessing a wide array of hotel information to exploring city guides, these tablets serve as a self-serve concierge, enriching the guest’s stay and streamlining hotel operations.

However, with the introduction of any cutting-edge technology comes the challenge of quantifying its impact. HCN recognized the need to bridge the gap between the qualitative benefits of their service and quantifiable outcomes. Hotel General Managers (GMs) and advertising partners, integral stakeholders in the hospitality ecosystem, expressed a need for concrete data to evaluate the effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) of the in-room tablets. Specifically, they required detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance metrics that could not only measure usage and engagement but also illuminate opportunities for optimization and growth.

Confronted with this challenge, HCN sought a partner capable of transforming vast amounts of raw tablet usage data into meaningful, actionable insights. Fair Winds Analytics was contracted to develop a scalable reporting solution that would not only address the immediate needs of HCN but also set a foundation for continuous improvement and strategic decision-making. This case study outlines our journey in developing a solution that not only met but exceeded HCN’s expectations, delivering a suite of visually compelling, easily digestible reports that communicated usage performance effectively to all stakeholders involved.


The primary goal of our collaboration with The Hotel Communication Network (HCN) was to craft a sophisticated reporting solution that could distill complex usage data from in-room tablets into insightful, visually engaging reports. These reports were aimed at providing tangible value to key stakeholders, including hotel General Managers (GMs) and advertising partners. To achieve this overarching aim, our project was guided by several specific objectives:

  1. Develop Intuitive Visualizations: The essence of our solution was to transform raw data into a format that was not only easy to understand but also appealing to the eye. Recognizing that our audience might not have technical backgrounds, it was imperative that these visualizations communicate usage performance and trends in a straightforward, accessible manner. By doing so, we intended to enable stakeholders to quickly grasp the essence of the data, facilitating informed decision-making.
  2. Ensure Scalability: Given the dynamic nature of the hospitality industry and the anticipated growth of HCN’s operations, scalability was a cornerstone of our project. The reporting solution needed to handle increasing volumes of data without a hitch, accommodating new features, hotels, and data points as HCN expanded its services. This foresight was crucial for future-proofing the tool, ensuring it would remain robust and relevant as the landscape evolved.

By setting these objectives, we aimed not only to meet the immediate needs of HCN and its stakeholders but also to anticipate future requirements. Our vision was to deliver a solution that would not only illuminate the present but also pave the way for data-informed growth and enhancement in the services HCN provides to its clients. Through this strategic approach, we sought to contribute significantly to the improvement of guest experiences and operational efficiencies within the hospitality sector, marking a step forward in the integration of technology and personalized service.

Solution Development


Tackling the complex needs of The Hotel Communication Network (HCN) required a methodical, collaborative approach. Our strategy hinged on a close partnership with both the technical and management teams at HCN, ensuring that our solution was grounded in a deep understanding of the data and aligned with the company’s strategic objectives. Initially, our efforts were focused on comprehending the nuances of how data was collected through the in-room tablets. This phase was critical, as it allowed us to identify and rectify any gaps in the data collection process, thereby guaranteeing that we had access to all necessary data points for comprehensive reporting.

We simultaneously engaged in continuous dialogue with HCN’s management to refine our understanding of what the reports needed to convey. This collaborative effort ensured that the derived values we planned to include in our reports made sense from a business perspective and that the narrative structure of the reports resonated with the stakeholders’ expectations. Our aim was to not just present data, but to tell a story that was both meaningful and actionable for hotel GMs, advertising partners, and other key users.

Technology Stack

The technological backbone of our solution was carefully chosen to align with the requirements of scalability, reliability, and user-friendliness. We utilized PostgreSQL and Elastic for robust and flexible data point storage, laying a strong foundation for handling the diverse and voluminous data generated by the in-room tablets. AWS’s cloud infrastructure offered the scalability and security needed to support HCN’s expanding operations. For the reporting engine, we selected AWS Quicksight, prioritizing its capabilities for creating dynamic, visually appealing reports and dashboards that could be easily accessed and interpreted by HCN and its stakeholders.


Throughout the development process, we encountered and overcame several significant challenges:

  1. Data Point Capture: Ensuring that all relevant data points were captured accurately required meticulous attention to detail and frequent revisions of our data collection and storage strategies. This step was crucial for laying a solid foundation for our reporting solution.
  2. Scalability for Advertising Partners: One of the more complex aspects of the project was designing a system that could effortlessly scale with HCN’s advertising partners. These partners needed a way to quickly set up or remove their campaigns without cumbersome processes. Achieving a “low-touch” scalability meant automating as much of the setup and teardown process as possible, ensuring that advertisers could easily access performance results without getting entangled in technical complexities.

By addressing these challenges head-on, we were able to develop a reporting solution that not only met but exceeded the expectations of HCN and its stakeholders. Our approach ensured that the solution was not only effective in the short term but also sustainable and adaptable to future needs, setting a new standard for data-driven decision-making in the hospitality industry.



The deployment of the reporting solution for The Hotel Communication Network (HCN) was a meticulously planned operation that required close collaboration between our team and HCN’s technical staff. The initial phase involved setting up the new services within Amazon Web Services (AWS) and integrating them seamlessly with HCN’s pre-existing infrastructure. This integration was crucial for ensuring that the reporting solution had direct access to the rich data stored within HCN’s systems, enabling real-time data analysis and reporting.

Working hand-in-hand with HCN’s development team, we focused on establishing a robust connection between the reporting solution and the data storage systems. This required careful configuration and testing to ensure data integrity and security were maintained at all times. By leveraging AWS’s cloud infrastructure, we were able to deploy a solution that was not only scalable but also resilient, capable of handling the dynamic needs of HCN’s operations without compromising performance.

Training & Adoption

To facilitate a smooth transition and ensure the long-term success of the reporting solution, extensive documentation was provided to HCN’s technical team. This documentation covered the management and maintenance of the solution, equipping HCN’s team with the knowledge and tools needed to handle the system independently.

Recognizing the importance of stakeholder feedback in the refinement of the reports, we worked closely with HCN’s management to incorporate micro-adjustments based on input from hotel GMs, advertising partners, and other key users. This iterative process allowed us to fine-tune the visualizations and data presentations to meet the diverse needs and preferences of all stakeholders, enhancing the overall utility and acceptance of the reports.

Furthermore, to empower HCN’s management in the expansion of their user base, we provided detailed training on the creation and management of view-only accounts. This capability was essential for extending access to the reports to a broader audience over time, allowing HCN to adapt to changing business needs and stakeholder requirements without additional technical support.

Through these concerted efforts in deployment, training, and adoption, we ensured that the reporting solution was not only technically sound and integrated with HCN’s infrastructure but also embraced by its users. This comprehensive approach was key to achieving a seamless implementation that supported HCN’s strategic objectives and facilitated data-driven decision-making across the organization.


  • Performance Metrics: Present the key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics that the solution helped HCN and its partners to track. Include any significant improvements or insights gained from the new reporting capabilities.
  • Feedback: Summarize the feedback received from hotel GMs and advertising partners on the utility and usability of the reports.
  • Business Impact: Discuss the broader impact of the solution on HCN’s operations, including any improvements in guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, or return on investment.