We provide a broad range of implementation capabilities and flexible engagement models across a wide variety of use cases.

Fair Winds Analytics is a boutique consulting agency strictly focused on data and related artificial intelligence. Our strengths are in creating comprehensive data strategy and the technical implementation of that plan. Our objective is to ensure you are capable of collecting, transforming, and making the most objectively-informed decisions from the data available to you.

Implementation Capabilities

Engagement Models


We engage for a set or ongoing number of hours to provide guidance / research, support, and expertise. This is an ideal option for projects with shifting priorities and moving timelines.


We engage for a fixed fee to produce defined project deliverables. This is ideal for well defined objectives with an agreed-upon timeline and budget.

Fractional cDAO

We engage in part-time ongoing data leadership at the c-level. This is ideal for companies that want strategic guidance for data and AI initiatives without investing in a full-time employee.

Public Sector Procurement

We engage with the public sector at all levels (e.g. federal, provincial/state, and municipal) in response to well-defined RFPs and SAs for informatics projects.

Public-Private Subcontract

We partner with other private sector companies that have won public contracts in order to provide specific technical expertise to informatics projects.

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