Cavanagh Case Study


This case study details a portion of the digital transformation of Thomas Cavanagh Construction, a company with over 50 years of experience in site development and heavy equipment contracting in Eastern Ontario. This transformation focused on modernizing their time and equipment tracking system through the development of a sophisticated data warehouse. The main objectives of the project were to enhance operational efficiency and future-proof the company’s workforce management systems.

Key objectives included:

  1. Developing a robust data warehouse to act as a centralized data repository.
  2. Ensuring seamless data integration from diverse and fragmented sources.
  3. Enabling near real-time data access for timely decision-making.
  4. Laying the foundation for future data visualization and analytics.
  5. Supporting the development of an employee app to facilitate data access.

The data warehouse was built using Azure infrastructure, specifically utilizing Azure Synapse and Data Factory functions, aligning with Cavanagh’s existing Microsoft technology stack. This choice helped integrate the warehouse with the new employee app and supported the overall digital infrastructure.

Challenges during the project included setting up Azure infrastructure, securing API access for data integration, and ensuring the data warehouse met the app’s needs without compromising performance. Despite these challenges, the project successfully met its goals, enhancing data integration and accessibility, which supported the employee app and laid a robust foundation for future data analytics and visualization efforts.

Overall, the implementation of the data warehouse marked a significant advancement in Cavanagh Construction’s digital transformation journey, improving operational efficiencies and setting the stage for ongoing innovation in data-driven practices.

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